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Instruction manuals, brochures, and warranty are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

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Product Brochure File Name Type Size Open/Download
Vibra-Probe™ 585 vp585_brochure.pdf PDF 178 kb VP585 Brochure
Vibra-Tector™ 740 vt740_brochure.pdf PDF 255 kb VT740 Brochure
Vibra-Quatic™ 320 vq320_brochure.pdf PDF 254 kb VQ320 Brochure

Instruction Manuals File Name Type Size Open/Download
Vibra-Probe™ 585 vp585_manual.pdf PDF 188 kb VP585 Manual
Vibra-Tector™ 740 vt740_manual.pdf PDF 204 kb VT740 Manual
Vibra-Quatic™ 320 vq320_manual.pdf PDF 257 kb VQ320 Manual
E-Z Swing Harness ez_manual.pdf PDF 326 kb EZ Swing Manual

Product Warranty File Name Type Size Open/Download
Limited Warranty tpi_warranty.pdf PDF 8 kb Product Warranty

Discontinued Product Manuals:
Instruction Manuals File Name Type Size Open/Download
Vibra-Tector™ 730 vt730_manual.pdf PDF 93 kb VT730 Manual
Vibra-Tector™ 720 vt720_manual.pdf PDF 273 kb VT720 Manual
Vibra-Probe™ 580 vp580_manual.pdf PDF 83 kb VP580 Manual
Vibra-Probe™ 570 vp570_manual.pdf PDF 76 kb VP570 Manual
Vibra-Probe™ 560 vp560_manual.pdf PDF 228 kb VP560 Manual
Vibra-Quatic™ 2 vq2_manual.pdf PDF 90 kb VQ2 Manual
Vibra-Phone™ 280 vp280_manual.pdf PDF 98 kb VP280 Manual

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