Customer Testimonials

I bought my Vibra-Probe last year and I love it. For me there is no better pinpointer. My detecting friends always want me to locate the target for them because they can't find it with theirs. My best friend finally got rid of his and bought one. He is as excited about it as I am. I won't go detecting without it. Many thanks for a great design.
- Carl W.

I just recently bought a Vibra-Tector. I absolutely love it. On my first snorkling swim i found a ring within about 2 mins of jumping in the water. Im very happy with it. Thanks for a fantastic and practical product.
- Ante.

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for an amazing product. I use it constantly while diving and it's performance is everything I expected and more.
- Christopher H.

I could say soo many good things about the Vibra-Probe, but it has all been said already. The Vibra-Probe is my first choice. ...GET ONE!!!!
- Dennis F.

Wonderful tool -- great technology combined with solid, simple design. Although I am a diver, I've only used the Vibra-Tector in the field. But, whether it's serving to augment an electronic prospecting search, or not, I always keep the device in my backpack to check out ore specimens, or even to conduct superficial site explorations. Well worth the reasonable price.
- Ed D.

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the quality products you build. I have two of your Vibra-Tectors and they're great!
- Katie P.

I've been detecting the Florida treasure beaches for about four years. I'm holding in my hand a 1711 Spanish Netherlands Gold Ducat in almost un-circulated condition!! Thanks Vibra-Probe! Without my Vibra-Probe, my chances of finding it in a hole, filling up with water and sand, would be slim at best. Many times in the past I would have to walk away without being able to locate and retrieve my target, simply because there was not enough time to scoop it. Now no more awkward scoops to carry! So if you see me on the beach, it's just me, my detector and my Vibra-Probe, it's all I need!
- Warren D.

I just wanted to congratulate you folks on a great product! i've been using the Vibra-Tector in the rivers and oceans near my home in Florida for the past month. I'm more than pleased. It functions just as specified and I couldn't be happier!
- Peter P.

If you can stand one more glowing recommendation about the Vibra-Probe here's mine. I bought a Vibra Probe because of all the recommendations I found in forums. It really does work as claimed. does a great job of pinpointing.
- Mark C.

It will cut down on your recovery time, especially those little pieces of metal that are the same color as the dirt you're digging in. If you're digging in mud you know how the mud can cover a coin or whatever the target is, the Vibra Probe will find it for you. The signal goes straight out the end of the probe not off the side like others do. I think you'll like it. I know I sure do like mine.
- Tom R.

I've used the Vibra-Probe for better part of a year and wouldn't be without it. It will just about double your effective hunting time.'s that good! It is completely waterproof and built like a tank. No switches to turn on or off. It's fully automatic. They are larger than other pinpointers, which to me is a benefit. Whether you get a Vibra-Probe or another make - GET A PINPOINTER!! You'll kick yourself for waiting so long.
- Bob L.

Thank you, Thank you, I love your product.
- Mitch B.

We use the Vibra-Probes and love them.
- Rinnie & Wayne L

I'd like to say that I'm a big fan of the Vibra-Probe!!! I've been using one for about a year now, and love how it works.. and how it's made. I live in a Montana.. so it needs to be able to handle falling on rocks and dropped in water, and it does!
- Troy D.

Now for what I think is the #1 contender. The Vibra-Probe! It feels strong in the hand. The simple automatic turn on and off is ingenious. The detection probe detects right out on the tip for an error free target location. The pulses of vibration speed up the closer you are to the target. You can dig straight into your plug and never have the fear of damaging this must have tool.... Thank you.
- Rob P.

My friends and myself all use your Vibra-Probe and love them!
- Kerry S.

Thank you very much. I love your product and I have to say the service has been the best. Now my vacation is perfect... I'll be able to metal detect as I dive. Thanks again!
- Joan E.

I purchased a new Vibra-Probe about 18 months ago. I love it and have had great success using it.
- Charlie M.

Thank you very much. I wouldn't go detecting without my Vibra-Probe. It is a great pinpointer!!!
- Terry G.

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