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Vibra® Metal Detectors - Submersible to 100 ft (30m)

Treasure Products Incorporated is the creator and manufacturer of the Vibra® family of underwater metal detectors, and the originator of the vibrating pinpointer. Our Vibra® line of detectors are designed to improve your metal detecting search capabilities both on land and underwater and our equipment is backed by our excellent customer service and support.

Metal detector features:

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Vibra-Probe 585

The only pinpointer with tip only detection, to precisely find the target.

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Vibra-Tector 740

Great for divers! Metal detector that signals with vibration and light.

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Vibra-Quatic 320

Pinpointer detector with a large coil for deeper detection depths.

Accessories & Parts

E-Z Swing, Holster, Wrist Strap, Battery Seal, and more. Available online.

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Accessories & Parts

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