Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to frequently asked questions & Detector differences

What is a Pinpointer metal detector?

A Vibra® pinpointer metal detector is a miniature version of your primary detector that is small enough to fit in any hole or crevice you are searching.

Why do I need a Pinpointer?

With a Vibra® detector you don't have to spend 5 minutes (or more) retrieving a target. You don't have to dig a larger than necessary hole for a target that is near the surface. You don't have to walk away from a possible valuable find because it took too long to retrieve it. You will be amazed at how your recovery time is reduced.

Can your detectors be used underwater?

Yes! All Vibra® detectors are submersible. They are designed to work underwater to a depth of 100 feet (30m).

What's the advantage of these detectors if I don't water hunt?

All of our detectors are waterproof. As such, when covered in dirt or mud they can be completely submerged for cleaning. Also, because all our detectors use Pulse Induction (PI) technology, they are not affected by salt water or black sand.

Why choose Vibra® detectors over others on the market?

Our detectors use Pulse Induction technology that allows hunting in salt water or black sand and they are fully automatic which means no buttons to push or knobs to turn. Also, they are fully submersible so they are easy to clean and can operate underwater to a depth of 100 feet.

In addition, our pinpointers detect at the tip and not along the sides of the shaft, as other models do, so they 'really' pinpoint the target. As you get closer to the target the number of pulses of vibration will increase in quantity telling you how close the target is from the tip of the detector. This type of tip only detection allows precision pinpointing.

Can your Pinpointers be used for gold hunting?

Yes, the Vibra® detectors will detect gold nuggets that are around 7 grain or larger. They are used by many gold hunters. Many find them useful for locating junk targets quickly allowing them to move on to the real target.

What are the features of the newest models?

The latest Vibra® models incorporate new firmware algorithms to help find your target fast and retain all the previous models advanced features which include:

Plus, all models have the tilt on/off feature that allows you to quickly turn your detector on and off by pointing it up.

At what distance will your detectors detect a target?

The detection depths for each Vibra® model have been optimized to help the user quickly find the target.

Detection depth will depend on the targets size, type, and environment. In general, the Vibra Probe™ will detect a coin-sized target up to 2 inches, the Vibra Quatic™ up to 2.5 inches and the Vibra Tector™ at 3 inches. All three models will detect much deeper on larger objects.

Detection distance from the coil to a target will be deeper on larger objects, and less on smaller ones. The size, shape, and purity of a target will have an effect on the detector's detection distance to the target.

What's the difference between Vibra® models?

There are three models of detectors: Vibra Probe™ 585, Vibra Quatic™ 320, and Vibra Tector™ 740. All three detectors are submersible to 100 ft (30 meters), fully automatic, and use Pulse Induction (PI) technology that allows the detectors to be used in most any environment, including saltwater and mineralized black sand. Also, all our detectors use vibration to communicate to the user that a target is detected.

One difference is that the Vibra Quatic and Vibra Tector have the addition of a flashing bright LED light, as well as vibration, to signal the user when a target is found.

Another difference is each model's detection coil diameter which are as follows: Which model Vibra® detector is right for me?

The Vibra Probe™ is our original pinpointer. It's a great choice to supplement searching when using a main detector. The 1-inch coil tip is more sensitive to small objects like a gold nugget. The smaller size allows hunting in crevices and cracks or between rocks. It also has a one-minute Auto-off feature to save battery life, and it comes with a belt mountable holster so it's easy to carry.

The Vibra Quatic™ is a pinpointer with a larger detection head. It's a good choice for divers looking for a pinpointer to supplement a main detector. It signals the user with vibration and flashing light from a bright blue LED. It does not have the one-minute auto-off, so it will remain on until you're ready to turn it off.

The Vibra Tector™ is an excellent stand-alone metal detector. It's the best choice if you're going to use it as your only detector. It's great for searching the ocean, lakes, ponds, swimming areas, etc. The larger head allows you to scan a larger area in less time, and has more detection depth than the pinpointers. It also signals with vibration and flashing light from a bright LED. Plus, it remains on until you're ready to turn it off.

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