Customer Testimonials

Comments from Vibra Detector Owners

I bought my Vibra-Probe last year and I love it. For me there is no better pinpointer.

Carl W. Vibra-Probe Owner

Thank you for an amazing product. I use it constantly while diving and its performance is everything I expected and more.

Christopher H. Vibra-Probe Owner

I could say so many good things about the Vibra-Probe, but it has all been said already. The Vibra-Probe is my first choice!

Dennis F. Vibra-Probe Owner

We use the Vibra-Probes and love them.

Rinnie & Wayne L Vibra-Probe Owners

Thank you very much. I wouldn't go detecting without my Vibra-Probe. It is a great pinpointer!!

Terry G Vibra-Probe Owner

Thanks for the quality products you build. I have two of your Vibra-Tectors and they're great!

Katie P. Vibra-Tector Owner

I'm holding in my hand a 1711 Spanish Netherlands Gold Ducat in almost un-circulated condition!! Without my Vibra-Probe, my chances of finding it in a hole, filling up with water and sand, would be slim at best.

Warren D. Vibra-Probe Owner

Thank you very much. I love your product and I have to say the service has been the best. Now my vacation is perfect... I'll be able to metal detect as I dive. Thanks again!

Joan E. Vibra-Probe Owner

I've been using the Vibra-Tector in the rivers and oceans near my home in Florida for the past month. I'm more than pleased. It functions just as specified and I couldn't be happier!

Peter P. Vibra-Tector Owner

I just recently bought a Vibra-Tector. I absolutely love it. On my first snorkeling swim I found a ring within about 2 mins of jumping in the water.

Ante. Vibra-Tector Owner

I've used the Vibra-Probe for better part of a year and wouldn't be without it. It will just about double your effective hunting time.

Bob L. Vibra-Probe Owner

If you're digging in mud you know how the mud can cover a coin or whatever the target is, the Vibra Probe will find it for you.

Tom R. Vibra-Probe Owner

My friends and myself all use your Vibra-Probe and love them!

Kerry S. Vibra-Probe Owner

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