Vibra-Phone 280
This model has been Discontinued

The Vibra-Phone 280 lets you replace sound with Vibration.
  • Don't like wearing headphones?
  • Difficult to hear tones and whistles?
  • Need to hear ambient sounds?
Then the Vibra-Phone™ 280 is for you!

The Vibra-Phone™ 280 takes the tone that you would normally hear in your detectors headphones and converts it into vibrations. It works with most common metal detectors with a 1/4" headphone jack. No modifications or special tools are needed.

Just simply clip the Vibra-Phone™ 280 to your metal detector and plug it into the headphone jack in place of your normal headphones. Turn the Vibra-Phone 280 on and you're ready to go!! Made in the USA.

Vibra-Phone™ works with most all common detector models except Minelab and Fisher.

Vibra-Phone 280   -   This model has been Discontinued

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